Playful Turkeys

COK Picks: Four Fun Videos of Cute and Playful Turkeys!

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In our everyday lives, it may be difficult for us to relate to turkeys or any farmed animal for that matter. Most of us have never had the opportunity to meet a turkey in person – so we’ve picked four fun videos to introduce you, virtually, to these incredible animals.

Did you know that turkeys are smart, social, talkative, and very inquisitive animals? At sanctuaries, rescued turkeys are given the chance to show off their playful, individual personalities and often walk right up to visitors to greet you! They also form strong friendships with each other – and sometimes even with other animals – and are loving, devoted mothers who are inseparable from their young.

Sadly, on factory farms, turkeys are treated as little more than mere meat-producing machines. View COK’s new undercover video exposing the cruel and filthy conditions forced upon female turkeys confined inside a turkey breeding factory farm in Minnesota.  From the moment they hatch, the vast majority of these intelligent birds spend their entire lives intensively confined inside massive sheds and will never set foot outside.

This holiday season, we can make compassion the centerpiece of our dinner table. Thanksgiving tradition is about celebrating life — and a growing number of Americans are choosing to do so by serving delicious vegetarian foods that everyone, including the turkeys, can be thankful for.

Now get ready to watch some heartwarming action that  you’ll want to share with others:

Don’t let that video title mislead you – they’re actually playing, and then cuddling!


Turkeys also enjoy showing off their natural athletic abilities!


Fawning over turkeys!  This is a just another playful day near the woods.

One of the best ways each of us can express our compassion for all animals is by simply leaving them off our plates. Start today: visit

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