Labor Day Vegan Recipes – Easy and Delicious!

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Labor Day VeganThis Labor Day weekend, as you savor the last few days of summer with family and friends, use the holiday as an opportunity to celebrate vegan food dishes and share them with others.

Now, more than ever, people are open to the idea of eating less meat and focusing on healthy foods. After all meat consumption has dropped 12 percent since 2007, and the Washington Post recently reported on the growing trend of baby boomers choosing to eat vegetarian, stating “this demographic group is heading into prime time for health issues and sees vegetarianism as a way to protect their bodies.”

For many people, the easiest way to introduce vegan foods is by creating dishes that taste similar to their non-vegetarian favorites. If you need a jump start in the kitchen, try out our simple Labor Day vegan recipes – barbeque seitan sandwiches, sloppy moes, or “chicken” salad.

Kale chips and potato salad also make enticing and flavorful side dishes.

And don’t forget that since Labor Day is on Monday, you can also celebrate Meatless Monday — and then let friends and family know about the benefits of choosing meat-free meals every day of the week: for our health, the environment, and, of course, for animals.

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