Starbucks Debuts 4 Vegan Options Across the UK

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Thousands of people are asking Starbucks for vegan foods, and the company is responding by pouring out options to meet the demand and even to boost slumping profits.

In March, Compassion Over Killing prompted an announcement from Starbucks at its annual shareholder meeting: a new line of vegan foods at it US stores, already rolling out with the addition of a vegan Macadamia Oat Cookie!

Starbucks must be hearing the soaring plant-based demand from its consumers in the UK, too, because it’s just launched four new options nationwide!

As LIVE KINDLY reports, the meatless menu items include two wraps (sweet potato falafel, and kale with jalapenos and slaw), plus sweet treats: a raspberry and chocolate cake and a fruit pot featuring lime and mango.

Compassion Over Killing’s petition with journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell has been signed by more than 30,000 people asking Starbucks for hearty plant-based foods across the US, and Starbucks has served up plant-based snacks, breakfast items, and a protein-packed lentil bowl.

Join us as we continue to pour on the pressure for filling vegan foods to fuel the days of millions of consumers nationwide at Starbucks’ thousands of US stores.


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