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Meat-Free Meals Making a Touchdown at the Super Bowl

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Whether you’re cheering for the Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks, this weekend’s Super Bowl is about more than just football. It’s also about the food. In fact, for some people, Super Bowl Sunday is almost exclusively about the food and it’s considered the second biggest eating day of the year.

And since Americans overall are eating less meat, it’s no surprise that meat-free meals are scoring touchdowns at this year’s Super Bowl.

In addition to the exciting news that Seattle-based company Field Roast will be dishing out a variety of vegan options at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium where the 48th championship game is being played, leading up to game day, mainstream commercials for trucks and beer are demonstrating that veggie burgers and kale salad are gaining popularity at tailgating parties.

There’s more good news: Meat-free eating is on the rise both off and on the field. A growing number of athletes are reaching the top of their game by dropping meat from their diet. And football players are no exception. Just ask Tony Gonzalez,  Joe Namath, Ricky Williams, Deuce Lutui, Tony Fiammetta, or Arian Foster — all of whom have significantly reduced or eliminated animal foods from their diets.

With all of this talk about food, we wanted to be sure to share some our favorite Super Bowl meal ideas from — such as Veggie Supreme Pizza and “Meaty” Tacos.

For more inspiration, be sure to check out Buzzfeed’s 25 Vegan Recipes for Super Bowl Sunday or One Green Planet’s list of Vegan Super Bowl Snacks. Of course, if you’re short on time, we suggested grabbing a bag (or two) of Gardein’s all-vegan (and always popular) buffalo wings, barbeque wings, or chicken fingers — just heat them up, sit back, relax, and enjoy the game.

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