Grubhub: Vegan Orders Increased by 19% in 2017

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People want vegan grub! Luckily, not only can you find delicious plant-based options in stores and restaurants nationwide, but it’s also easier than ever to get vegan foods delivered right to your door.

From meal delivery services like Veestro (psst: Get an exclusive Veestro discount when you join COK’s monthly giving program, Compassion Crew by July 31, 2017!) and the upcoming VegReady, to companies like Grubhub that will pick up from restaurants and deliver right to your doorstep.

And Grubhub eaters are hungry for vegan food! The company just released its report on the “dishes dominating the first half of 2017”, citing a whopping 19% increase in vegan orders so far this year.

These delicious dishes are the 5 most popular plant-based orders according to Grubhub:

  • Vegan quesadilla
  • Tofu wings
  • Teriyaki quinoa bowl
  • Samosa chaat
  • Vegan calzone

Also an ever-popular meatless option, avocado toast is touting a 93% increase in Grubhub orders, too. Yum!

Billions of animals are suffering on factory farms, and there are so many reason to choose compassionate, healthier, and more sustainable foods. The great news is: from entrees, sides, and desserts, you can find it all vegan and ready for delivery.

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