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Three Signs Vegan Companies are Taking Over the World

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Will future generations look back and wonder why our society raised, killed, and ate animals? A recent article in UK’s The Guardian — “Peak meat: is animal consumption falling out of style in the US?” — implies we just might see that starting to happen.

Noting that “demand for meat has declined for a decade in the United States, the second-largest consumer of meat per capita,” the article highlights how come companies, such as Beyond Meat and Hampton Creek Foods, are finding solid ground to flourish. And this isn’t just a mere trend, these companies are demonstrating a new, better way of doing business.

Here are three signs that vegan companies are taking over — and won’t be stopped:

1. Time Magazine names Beyond Meat the 8th “Top Exciting Startup of 2013.” Determined to create a more humane, sustainable, and efficient alternative to chicken, Beyond Meat founder Ethan Brown is doing just that. His all-vegan product is so convincing, even New York Times food writer Mark Bittman couldn’t tell the difference in a blind taste test.

2. Food and Wine Magazine calls Kite Hill vegan cheese “genius and delicious.” Acclaimed Chef Tal Ronnen’s artisanal almond- and macadamia-based cheeses are not only also receiving rave reviews from the most influential of foodie publications, his gourmet products are accessible to cheese connoisseurs in the cheese section of Whole Foods Market! The Camembert-style White Alder vegan cheese reportedly caused the Food and Wine editors to go “bananas.”

3. Bloomberg reports on the egg industry’s ad campaign against egg-free entrepreneurial venture Hampton Creek Foods. You know you’re shaking up the marketplace when your competitors are so fearful, they wage advertising campaigns hoping to thwart your success. But with Bill Gates and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel as backers, Hampton Creek’s only concern should be keeping up with demand for their products.

Haven’t tried Beyond Meat, Kite Hill, or Hampton Creek Foods products yet? Visit your nearest natural foods store to find them or ask your grocery store buyer to put them on the shelf.

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