McDonald’s Announces Meatless “McPlant” Line

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Following pressure from Animal Outlook with support from other animal advocacy groups, McDonald’s announced that it is developing a line of plant-based meat called “McPlant.” 

Despite previous trials of Beyond Meat in some Canada locations, McDonald’s will make this new line in-house. McPlant could consist of plant-based burgers and nuggets. The global chain has offered plant-based products in other markets. However, the U.S. has yet to see any substantial vegan or vegetarian offerings. According to McDonald’s Ian Borden, that’s going to change in 2021.


If the success of the Impossible Whopper at Burger King is any indication, this could be a huge win for the accessibility and mainstreaming of vegan food–and the hundreds of millions of chickens raised per year to supply McDonald’s nuggets and sandwiches. 

According to Business Insider, McDonald’s will begin testing the line in select markets in 2021. 

In a presentation to investors, Borden claimed that “When customers are ready for it, it will be ready for them,” but vegans around the world have been ready. Click here to send a tweet to the chain letting it know you’re excited for a plant-based option. It’s time to keep the pressure on and ensure a successful test and nationwide roll-out of a more compassionate menu. 

Animal Outlook’s corporate engagement team works every day to put vegan options on menus around the world. But we can only do it with your support. Take action by supporting our campaigns with a matched donation to celebrate 25 years of work for animals. Give today at  

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  1. I would be headed out there right now if they had all that, I was getting ready to jet I thought they had it akready!!!! 😿. I haven’t had McDonald’s in 21 years. Please make the fries vegan too! I’ll be there weekly when this all goes down , at least! Prob way more.

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