Google Confirms: Veganism on the Rise

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Veganism on the rise, says Google

It’s hard to believe how far vegan eating has come in such a short time. Not too long ago, the word vegan was unfamiliar to most people, and it was certainly not something easily pronounced.

Times are changing indeed, and evidence that veganism has reached the mainstream is everywhere. Ten years ago, would you have ever even imagined people like Bill Clinton, Mike Tyson and Michelle Pfeiffer talking about the benefits of choosing vegan foods? And look at the proliferation of dairy- and egg-free specialty companies, not to mention the recent (and hilarious) sketch featuring Justin Timberlake as a dancing block of tofu singing about the ethics and fun of vegan eating on Saturday Night Live.

Popularity of “Vegan” Google Searches, 2008-Present

Color density represents quantity relative to present-day maxiumum


Want something more conclusive? Google’s Trends application (combined with a little nerd power) shows that more and more people are searching for information related to the term “vegan.”

How can we tell? Check out this neat animation of the relative popularity of searches including the term “vegan” in the U.S. over the past five years, and watch with delight as the map darkens, evidencing a shift further and further into the mainstream.

And it’s not just interest in veganism that’s growing—Americans are choosing more and more meat-free meals. The USDA expects a continued decline in meat consumption, with the average American eating 12.2 percent less meat today than in 2007.

Why? In no small part because of the large number of undercover investigations like ours that expose consumers to the routine cruelties inflicted upon farmed animals.

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