Thousands Gather at the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival!

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This past weekend, COK super-volunteers Ken Swensen and Robin Lamont set up our educational booth at the 2nd annual NYC Vegetarian Food Festival where thousands of people gathered at this two-day event to take a vegan bite out of the big apple.

We had a phenomenal time connecting with passionate veg folks and COK supporters as well as talking with countless soon-to-be-vegetarians about the many benefits of choosing animal-friendly foods. There was also a lot of interest in our Dunkin’ Cruelty campaign, which encourages Dunkin’ Donuts to offer vegan options.

Dozens of vegan food vendors also set up shop to give people a taste of compassion, and the event featured several dynamic speakers including Dr. Michael Greger from and Matt Frasier from NoMeatAthlete.

Here’s what our volunteers Ken & Robin had to say about the 2-day event, and why they can’t wait for next year:

NYC Vegetarian

  • We met so many long-time COK fans along with lots of new ones who signed up for more info.
  • It was incredibly encouraging to hear how aware folks are of the horrendous treatment of animals on factory farms. It seemed to be the number one reason for choosing plant-based foods. COK’s work to expose cruelty to farmed animals is really reaching people.
  • The diversity of the crowd made us so optimistic. Young, old, black, white, latino, musicians, teachers, whole families, single moms, working guys – veggies come in every flavor.
  • We loved seeing the enthusiasm from not-yet, but-soon-to-be veggies looking to learn more and try veg eating after their day at NYC Veg Food Fest!
  • It was mobbed with smart, informed and downright entertaining New Yorkers–New Jersey-ites too.

In typical New Yorker style, everybody at the event seemed to have a goal: meat-eaters wanted to go veg, vegetarians wanted to go vegan, vegans wanted to eat better — and learn how to advocate for animals better. And they all wanted to learn more about COK!

Our favorite line we heard over and over: “What can I do to help?”  Everyone was hungry to learn more. We can’t wait for next year!

Wondering what you can do to help, too? Here are 3 easy ways to get involved:

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