Fun Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Pigs

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Pigs are smart and social animals, but as Animal Outlook investigations have revealed, pigs used for meat endure horrific suffering on factory farms.

Maybe you’ve recently watched “Okja,” and want to learn more about real-life pigs and other farmed animals! But maybe you’ve never met a pig at a sanctuary or don’t have a buddy like Esther the Wonder Pig around?

We’re here to help you get to know these amazing animals with these fun facts!

Pigs sleep huddled in groups: Adorable and adoring pigs are social animals who show physical affection, can recognize each other, and use different sounds to interact with each other.

Pigs have lots of energy: You might picture pigs laying around in mud, which they do to cool off. But pigs spend most of their day engaged in exercise, like grazing, rooting, walking, and nest-making.

Pigs have plenty to say: Research has shown that the oinks and grunts made by pigs are significant sounds, varying by the pigs’ personalities and circumstances, and conveying important information about their well-being and response to their environment.

Pigs are loving moms: Forming close bonds with their piglets, mother pigs and their young stay together for months. These doting moms also have a special grunt to tell piglets it’s time to eat.

On factory farms, these smart, social, and sensitive animals suffer their entire short lives, denied even the freedom to engage in their natural behaviors. But you can protect pigs today:

  • Sign and share our petition to ask the USDA to halt its high-speed slaughter, reduced inspection pilot program, known as “HIMP,” which could soon be expanded nationwide. Help us reach 250,000 signatures before AO’s former investigator, Scott, soon personally delivers your signatures to the USDA!
  • The best way to protect pigs, and all animals, is simply to leave them off our plates! Visit for recipes, tips, and much more.

Watch: These playful piglets are sure to make you smile! (video: Edgar’s Mission)

Playful piglets

#ThursdayMotivation: These adorable playful piglets will keep you smiling right through to Friday! <3(Video via Edgar's Mission)

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