Chilaquiles: A Knock Out Cooking Video Highlighting Dairy Alternatives

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ChilaquilesJune is National Dairy Month, so it’s the perfect time to learn more about the negative impacts that dairy production has on our health, the environment, and animals–and a wonderful opportunity to explore dairy-free options!

One of my personal favorite dairy alternatives is Daiya cheese. This soy-free (it’s tapioca-based) “cheese” stretches, melts, and tastes like dairy-based cheese but without all the cholesterol and animal cruetly. That’s why COK’s Los Angeles Outreach Intern, Gwendolyn

Mathers (AKA Miss Kitchen Witch) relies on Daiya when creating delicious vegan recipes, including one of her most popular dishes she features in an entertaining new video-game themed cooking video: chilaquiles. What’s a chilaquila?

Chilaquiles are a traditional Mexican brunch made typically made with stove cooked tortillas, salsa, eggs and cheese–but Miss Kitchen Witch veganizes this dish using tofu and Daiya! Tofu can achieve the thick, creamy texture of a cooked egg, and adds healthy plant-based protein so you can kick off your morning with compassion. And the dish is topped off with Daiya’s new Pepper Jack flavor to add a little spice. You can also try the soy-based Follow Your Heart nacho cheese, which has that same little zing of spice and is tasty too.

Of course, you’ll want to wash it all down with some non-dairy milk which you can increasingly find on grocery stores shelves everywhere. Choose from soy, rice, almond, coconut, and even hemp. Since they’re made from plants, they’re all cholesterol-free.

OK, ready to add a new recipe to your menu line-up? Chilaquiles are simple to prepare. Miss Kitchen Witch’s fun video (prepare for an Atari flashback) will take you through all the steps — it’s complete with three video game levels: reclaiming the kitchen, cooking, and fighting your roommate for the goods. You can also get the full recipe on Be sure to stay tuned for more cooking videos by Miss Kitchen Witch coming soon at


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