Resolutions Faltering? Dr. Greger to the Rescue!

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Dr. GregerAdmit it. You’re only days into the new year and those resolutions about eating healthier, becoming a star athlete/vegan bodybuilder, and eating three pounds of dark, leafy greens a day are already starting to crumble. Maybe you bought membership to a gym you hope to someday visit, or maybe you shelled out for that Vitamix still safely tucked away in its box. Your goal of making a leaner, meaner, and greener self is already losing steam—you need help.

Enter Dr. Michael Greger, stage left, a physician, author, creator of, and all-around expert on all things related health and diet. Now in its 7th iteration, his Latest in Clinical Nutrition DVD series, now available at the COK Marketplace, shows you how interesting and fun it can be to engage with your food choices on a whole new level. The newly-released, two-hour Volume 7 is no exception, featuring such staple segments as “Preventing Adulthood Allergies” as well as segments that highlight Greger’s unique presentation style, such as “Pretty in Pee-nk.”

To help gear you up for a healthy 2012, we’re offering a New Year’s supporter special—simply donate $50 or more to help run our pro-vegetarian commercials, now airing on HULU, and we’ll give you the latest three volumes of Dr. Greger’s Latest in Clinical Nutrition DVD series free! To participate, simply specify that your gift is for our Pro-Veg Commercials and write “Greger DVDs” in the comments field.

Your support will help COK serve a side of truth, and in turn Dr. Greger will help you serve a side of kale!

Dr. Greger

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