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15 Simple & Effective New Years Resolutions for 2015

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Whether you love it or you hate it, it’s that time of year again to commit to a New Year’s resolution. What’ll it be — another vow to exercise more, eat better, or maybe balance your bank account? Let’s be honest: resolutions typically aren’t built to last.

Still, the New Year is filled with hope for change. As we energetically enter 2015, we’ve created a list of 15 quick and simple resolutions that are easy to accomplish and can make a world of difference for farmed animals.

Ready. Set. GO:

  1. Show off your compassion with our free bumper stickers – it’s easy, fun, and they’re FREE!
  2. Team up with a friend and try a new recipe – visit TryVeg (recipes in English and Spanish).
  3. Host a vegan dinner party for your non-vegan friends or bring in vegan snacks to school or the office to share.
  4. Sign up to volunteer with us!
  5. Tell Subway you’re hungry for vegan options nationwide.
  6. Put vegan eating on more menus in your community using our restaurant outreach guide.
  7. Leave pro-veg literature where ever go – our Compassionate Action Pack will get you started.
  8. Commit to leafleting once per month (or more!) using our guide to effective leafleting
  9. Ask Dairy Queen to start offering vegan ice cream
  10. Watch and share our video exposing the truth behind the closed doors of the chicken industry.
  11. Organize a feed-in to introduce others to delicious vegan food.
  12. Stay connected with us through Facebook and Twitter — and sign up for our eNewsletter.
  13. Encourage your friends choose dairy-free milk, now available at Dunkin’ Donuts and Tim Hortons!
  14. Wish people would ask you about vegetarian eating? Get our conversation starter tee.
  15. Celebrate our 20th anniversary with us this year by making a special $20 donation today!

Pick one, two, or complete all 15 –  and as a bonus resolution: Share this blog post to empower others to start standing up for animals today!

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