Victory: Dairy Price Fixing Case Moves Forward, Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss Denied

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Price FixingThe dairy industry has consistently shown its lack of regard for animal welfare and the environment. And COK uncovered information exposing how the dairy industry milked its own consumers by illegally jacking up prices.

Late last year, we announced that based on our initial research and development, a class-action lawsuit was filed against major players in the dairy industry– including the National Milk Producers Federation, Dairy Farmers of America, and Land O’Lakes – alleging a massive price fixing scheme that resulted in over $9.5 billion in unfairly and illegally obtained profits.

The complaint alleges this price fixing scheme violated antitrust laws and was accomplished by killing over 500,000 young cows in order to decrease the supply of milk, thereby artificially inflating the price.

This week, there was a major step forward in this case that we’re excited to tell you about: the United States District Court for the Northern District of California denied the defendants’ motion to dismiss. The defendants based their request for a dismissal on the arguments that the court doesn’t have jurisdiction and that the plaintiffs, who are dairy consumers represented by the leading class action law firm Hagens Berman, failed to state a valid claim. The court rejected these arguments (read the Court’s Order denying the motion to dismiss).

This price fixing case will now move forward, and we’re eager to see this injustice get its day in court.

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