Bringing the Heat with Summer Veg Outreach

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veg outreach

Summer is officially underway and our East Coast volunteers and interns have been bringing the heat with their veg outreach efforts! Since April, we’ve handed-out more than 25,000 leaflets and 8,000 vegan food samples at over 30 events!

At the Pride Festivals and Parades in DC and Baltimore we
marched, leafleted, and shared the message that “No one is free while others are oppressed”and that “Compassion is sexy.”

Over Memorial Day weekend, volunteers in NYC showed off their “Veggie Pride” in the annual Veggie Pride Parade, an event that celebrates the many benefits of vegetarian eating, for the planet, our health and for animals.

That same day, volunteers in Baltimore gave away hundreds of Tofurky sandwich samples to hungry vegetarians-to-be at the SoWeBo (South West Baltimore Bohemian) Arts & Music Festival. Everyone remarked how much they tasted like real turkey, and several couldn’t resist coming back for seconds!

Most recently, we hit the streets leafleting at busy metro stops, the National Independence Day Parade, and the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival. We even dished out delicious veggie riblets, encouraging passersby to try Subway’s new vegan Sweet Riblet, available at select DC-area locations.

veg outreach

veg outreach

veg outreach

Join us! Sign up for an upcoming event, or find a parade, festival, concert, or sporting event in your area then simply request free literature with which to leaflet—after all, there’s nothing sunnier than spreading compassion for animals!

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