Takoma Park Mayor Proclaims Veg Week and Takes 7-Day Veg Pledge

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Takoma ParkOn Monday night, Takoma Park Mayor Bruce Williams signed a Proclamation officially dedicating April 23-29 as VegWeek 2012 (read the Proclamation), which also encourages residents to “choose vegetarian foods as way to help protect the planet, their health, and animals.” To further show the city’s support for this effort, Mayor Williams along with 4 other councilmembers—Kay Daniels-Cohen, Seth Grimes, Terry Seamens, and Fred Schultz—are taking a 7-Day Veg Pledge during VegWeek.

COK launched the first-ever VegWeek in 2009 with inspiration from Maryland Senator Jamie Raskin who proclaimed, “There are 52 weeks in a year; why not make one of them vegetarian?” Sen. Raskin was the first person to take the 7-day Veg Pledge—and it’s a pledge he’s maintained to this day.  Energized by his new vegetarian diet, which he refers to as “aligning my morals with my menu,” Sen. Raskin has since helped expand VegWeek from a city-wide celebration to a national campaign with thousands of people signing up to go veg for one week.

Other elected representatives who are taking the 7-Day Veg Pledge include Maryland Delegates Tom Hucker, Aruna Miller, and Shane Robinson, Montgomery County President Valerie Ervin, District Heights Mayor James Wall and Prince George’s County Council Member Eric Olson.

To help celebrate VegWeek, dozens of restaurants nationwide—from Cupcake Wars winner Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats in DC
to the rapidly-expanding quick service chain Veggie Grill in CA—are offering VegWeek Specials, and everyone
is invited to attend free events include cooking demos, bake sales, movie screenings, and more.

Every time we choose vegetarian foods, we’re helping build a kinder, cleaner, and healthier world. And VegWeek is fun way to
highlight these benefits as well as the increasing availability of delicious meat-free foods in restaurants and grocery stores everywhere.

If you haven’t yet pledged to go veg for the week, sign up now (you could win one of 200 great prizes, including free Gardein!)—and be sure to ask your friends and family to join in on the fun!

Visit USVegWeek.com for a full list of restaurant specials, events, and more.

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