Reader’s Choice: COK’s Top 6 Blogs of 2016

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Wow: Together, we’ve truly demonstrated the power of change in 2016! As we look back at all Compassion Over Killing has been able to achieve for farm animals this year with your support, we’re celebrating YOU and all you do to help us build a kinder tomorrow.

Standing united, we’re changing the world for animals through our hard-hitting investigations, strategic legal advocacy, corporate outreach making vegan options business as usual, positive and friendly campaigns like VegWeek and free events such as DC VegFest, and support from compassionate celebs like Leilani Münter and Moby who are shining a spotlight for animals!

As we forge ahead into the new year, we know we can continue this momentum and make change happen because we know you will continue to stand with us — and most importantly, with the animals!

While we gear up for 2017, we’re shining a spotlight on your favorite stories of 2016 from our blog Voices of Compassion. Here are 6 of the stories you read & shared the most this year:

  1. Public Loves New Vegan Butcher; Big Pork Calls it “Unethical”

  2. USDA Shut Down MN Pig Slaughterhouse for Humane Violation

  3. Cows & Consumers Celebrate: Ben & Jerry’s Announces 4 Vegan Flavors

  4. Class Action Settlement: US Dairy Industry to Pay $52 Million in Price-Fixing Conspiracy that Killed Cows and Cheated Consumers

  5. Wendy’s Now Offers Veggie Burger in 24 Locations!

  6. 5 Amazing Farm Animals Who Fought for Their Lives

If you enjoyed these blogs and want to read more, check out our most recent posts — and be sure to share your favorite stories: Voices of Compassion.

From all of your friends at COK: Happy New Year! May your 2017 be filled with compassion.

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