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Beyond Burger: Plant-Based Patty Meaty Enough for Meat Aisles

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Beyond Burger: To the mainstream and beyond

The newest plant-based patty to hit the market is making headlines and bringing meat-free to the meat aisles.

Beyond Meat, known for its 100 percent plant-based meats, is the California-based startup behind the Beyond Burger, which it calls the first veggie patty “that looks, cooks, and tastes like a fresh beef burger.”

But that’s where the similarities end, as the company points out that the Beyond Burger “comes with the health, environmental, and animal welfare upsides of a plant-based meal.”

Wondering where to look for this juicy meatless patty? It will soon hit the refrigerated meat sections of some grocery stores, an exciting step for veggie burgers that will put innovative vegan food alongside its meat counterparts, where it will be highly visible to a wide consumer base.

First hitting a test market at Whole Foods in Boulder, CO, the Beyond Burger sold out almost immediately! And the outlook is great, as demand for meat alternatives is only expected to soar.

Beyond Meat says its mission is to “attract carnivores to the category and help change that ‘meat section’ to the ‘protein section.'” Plants are indeed the future of protein, as the Culinary Institute of America recently advised chefs.

Even a former McDonald’s CEO joined Beyond Meat. Plant-based is the hottest new trend, and the food industry is taking note.

Check out our 2012 interview with Beyond Meat Founder Ethan Brown.

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