Ask Me Why I’m Vegetarian & New Cards!

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COK’s popular “Ask Me WhAsk Me Whyy a I’m Vegetarian” t-shirt offers more than just a message. When you wear this shirt around town, it encourages others to strike up a conversation giving you the opportunity to discuss the many benefits of leaving animals off our plates.

And to help send this message home, every time someone asks you “Why?” you can now give them our new business card, reminding them to visit our website for more information and to request a free Vegetarian Starter Guide.  The back of the card offers an empowering message: “every time we sit down to eat, each one of us can stand up for animals, our health, and the planet simply by choosing vegetarian foods.”

Ask Me Why

These new cards, spreading a message of compassion, are easy to carry around with you wherever you go. Best of all, they’re free with every “Ask Me Why” t-shirt order, and for a limited time, we’re selling these 100% organic cotton tees at a discounted price—so hurry, and starting encouraging others to ask you why you’re a vegetarian!

Visit our marketplace today to place your order and get your free business cards.

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