8 Vegan Snacks to Serve on Game Day

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Whether you’re watching the World Cup, World Series, Super Bowl or Puppy Bowl, there are certain foods that just scream “game day.” Pigs in a blanket, buffalo wings, sliders–these are all snacks heavily laden with animal products.

But do they have to be? 

More and more people are going vegan–including successful athletes powered by plants–and that means a growing selection of deliciously meat-, dairy- and egg-free snacks and appetizers.

Whether you want to whip up your own dishes to impress your party guests or quickly warm some snacks in the oven and focus on the game, we’ve got plenty of options for your game-day vegan snacks.


Reuben Quesadillas

A toasty take on a deli classic, TryVeg’s own cheesy Reuben Quesadillas are balanced in flavor and texture thanks to Barbecue Sunshine Burgers.

Field Roast Mini Corn Dogs

These mini corn dogs are perfect to heat and serve. They taste just like their meat counterparts–without the cruelty and cholesterol.

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Field Roast Fruffalo Wings

While you’re picking up your corn dogs, why not go all in? Field Roast + Buffalo = Fruffalo wings–the meat replacement company’s answer to the classic game day wings platter.

Trader Joe’s Meatless Meatballs

Simmer these affordable vegan meatballs in your favorite sauce (barbecue or Asian-style, anyone?). Toss them on some slider buns or just go straight for the toothpick and you’re done.

Cheesy Chorizo, Black Bean and Potato Wontons

If you want to impress your friends, put together these delicious TryVeg fried wonton treats. Paired with guacamole, they’re the perfect slightly-elevated finger foods.


Ah, the quintessential game day snack — and possibly the easiest one to veganize to your liking. Try this recipe from Minimalist Baker for an easy but mouthwatering plate of cheesy vegan nachos.

Pan Pizza

While we wait patiently for new vegan pizza options to come to the U.S., make your game day meal easier by offering create-your-own pizza. Try this Spicy Italian Pan Pizza from TryVeg or just throw vegan cheeses on your dough along with whatever other toppings your heart desires!

Trader Joe’s Cashew Fiesta Dip

Store-bought queso was revolutionized with the introduction of Cashew Fiesta Dip at Trader Joe’s. To cut down on prep time, toss this on top of your nachos. Or, let’s be honest, just go for dipping the chip–or spoon?–right in.

What’s your go-to vegan snack for game day? Comment and let us know.

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