Our Forks: A Four-Pronged Approach to Protect the Planet

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Protect the PlanetFor over 40 years, Earth Day—celebrated on April 22—has been inspiring people everywhere to take steps to help the environment. Did you know that perhaps the single most important action each of us can take to protect the planet is simply to choose meat-free foods?

Animal agriculture is considered one of the leading causes of pollution and resource depletion today. According to the United Nations, raising chickens, turkeys, pigs, cows and other animals for food contributes nearly one-fifth (18%) of all global human-induced greenhouse gas emissions.

By contrast, producing a veggie burger requires 93% fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than it does to produce a hamburger.

It also takes more land, water, and energy to produce meat, milk, and eggs that it does to produce plant-based foods. In fact, it’s several times more efficient to eat plants directly rather than funnel them though farmed animals.

Researchers from the University of Chicago concluded in a report that when all levels of production are factored in—from livestock crop production to shipping animals to slaughter— a vegetarian diet is the most energy efficient.

Even former Vice-President Al Gore suggests that by curbing our meat consumption, we can help curb global warming.

Each of us can help protect the planet—and animals—one meal at time simply by choosing meat-free foods. Start today by taking our 7-Day Veg Pledge for VegWeek, which kicks off right after Earth Day.

You can also empower others to fight global warming with their forks by sharing our popular Eating Sustainably brochure. Help make every day Earth Day.

Protect the Planet

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