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Unscrambling National Egg Month

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The egg industry’s busiest time of year is the Easter season. After that, “sales go down, but the hens keep on laying eggs,” says the American Egg Board. In an effort to increase consumer demand for excess eggs, egg producers across the country celebrate May as “National Egg Month”.

No matter how you cook them, however, eggs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. In fact, behind almost every “incredible, edible” egg sold in grocery stores today is a hen so intensively confined inside a barren wire battery cage, she can barely even move. With virtually no laws to protect them, these birds can be—and routinely are—treated in ways that would lead to prosecution if those same abuses were inflicted upon the dogs and cats with whom we share our homes.

To make matters worse, not only is the egg industry cruelly confining hens in cages, it’s also deceiving consumers about that abuse with the use false or misleading claims on cartons.

So, what better way to unscramble the industry’s self-declared month-long “eggs-travaganza” than by celebrating with delicious egg-free foods? It’s never been easier!

national egg monthCheck out our “Crack the Cruelty” guide to discover quick and easy eggless recipes – including French toast, tofu scramble, and chewy chocolate chip cookies – as well as plant-based egg replacers for cooking and baking, like The Vegg. Be sure to also read about an exciting new product that will soon be on the market: Beyond Eggs!

Want more egg-free cooking tips?  Watch our fun and information video: Egg-Free Baking 101 (embedded below) – and download our handy “Cooking Without Eggs” guide. Now get cracking!

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