A New Life for Grieving Calf Who Wouldn’t Leave Her Mom’s Side

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IMG_2054Meet Eliza Moo Little. This doe-eyed, dark-haired girl is the newest resident at Kindred Spirits Sanctuary in northern Florida.

Eliza is safe, happy, and adored these days, but her beginnings weren’t so bright. The young calf was found all alone in the woods, alongside her dead mother.

Logan Vindett, the director of Kindred Spirits, was contacted after a man saw Eliza trying to nurse from the body of her late momma. While a rescue was organized, the bovine beauty never left her mother’s side.

Once she got the OK, Logan swooped in and brought Eliza to her forever home, the grassy green acres of Kindred Spirits.

“Eliza is a very feisty little girl!” says Logan. “She has sass and energy for days! Now that she’s been here with us for a few weeks she is also starting to show her sweet side.”

Since her rescue, she’s made herself at home with the 100+ other residents of Kindred Spirits, including another young cow — Shiloh. The two make an adorable couple, and have a lifetime of peace, love, and tasty snacks to look forward to. If only all cows were so lucky! If they hadn’t been rescued, both Shiloh and Eliza would have been doomed to shortened lives that ended in a slaughterhouse.

IMG_2106-300x225Instead, Eliza, Shiloh, and all the cows, turkeys, chickens, pigs, goats, horses, and other rescued residents of Kindred Spirits are living the lives all animals deserve, safe from harm.

Just like Eliza and Shiloh, all cows — and all animals — want to live! It’s easier than ever before to leave animal products off your plate. We can help you get started today!

Photos courtesy: Kindred Spirits Sanctuary.

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