6 Heat-and-Serve Vegan Super Bowl Snacks

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kim-and-scotts-vegan-dogsFor sports fans, this is a seriously suspenseful week. With the big game just days away, athletes are practicing, odds are being calculated, and fields are being prepped for play.

(We’re referring, of course, to the Puppy Bowl. It’s Team Ruff against Team Fluff … who’ll take the lead?! The anticipation is killing us.)

Whether you’re tuning in to watch fluffy pups or human players this Sunday, you may not have time for a fancy, made-from-scratch menu of plant-based finger foods. Luckily, there are tons of options for grab-and-go vegan items these days. Companies from Field Roast to Gardein make heat-and-serve products that will win over any omnivore; you can even find them in Walmart’s freezer case.

So for those short on time Super Bowl (or Puppy Bowl) party hosts, here are six super-easy vegan snacks for game day:

Gardein’s Beefless Sliders
Everyone loves a slider, and these taste like the real deal. Even the die-hard meat eaters will dig in. Just heat, serve, and step away while your guests charge the food table like offensive linemen.

Kim and Scott’s Vegan Pretzel Dogs
Can you imagine a more perfect Puppy Bowl snack than mini hot dogs in a pillowy pretzel bun? Neither can we. Made with Field Roast mini vegan franks and soft sourdough pretzel, these require only a few seconds in the microwave. Pair ’em with mustard and let your guests eat up.

Tofurky Deli Slices
Make-your-own sandwich bars are always a wise idea at parties. You provide the bread, “meat,” and condiments, and let party guests serve themselves. Pick up some Tofurky Deli Slices in smoked ham or oven-roasted turkey and let people pile those sammies high.

Field Roast Sausages
Nothing says American sports event like steaming sausage. Luckily, Field Roast’s grain meat versions are as meaty as the original — no animals involved. Try the Italian, Mexican Chipotle, or Smoked Apple Sage. Cut in slices and serve with toothpicks, or cook them whole and offer hot dog buns.

Daiya Pizzas
These uber-cheesy pies come in supreme (made with Beyond Meat sausage), bianca (white sauce!), cheeze lover’s, margherita, fire-roasted vegetable, and mushroom & roasted garlic. Cut them into slices and let everyone eat up. Bonus: they’re made with gluten-free crust, so you can easily accommodate your gluten-avoidant friends and guests.

Amy’s Meatless Veggie Meatballs
Buy a few boxes of these hearty snacks, dig into your toothpick stash and let your guests run wild. They’re healthy (made with high-protein grains, lentils and Italian spices) and delicious; even meat eaters won’t know the difference.

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