Trying the Vegan BOCA Turk’y Burger Three Ways

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The Boca Tur’ky Burger is the latest vegan addition to their range and really impressed us in the Test Kitchen. You can purchase a 12-pack of the burgers for around $9.00. The burger is low in calories and fat at 70 calories per patty and 1 gram of fat. It also contains an impressive 13 grams of protein per serving. Our taste testers unanimously gave it high marks for flavor and texture.

Check our live broadcast on Facebook for three preparations of Boca Turk’y Burger, and keep reading to see how you can recreate them at home. There’s even a Thanksgiving burger, a perfect turkey-free dish on your holiday table or at any meal!


The Hawaiian Burger

A flight to Hawaii is pricey, but with this burger you can bring the tastes of the islands home with you. Caramelized pineapples, teriyaki sauce, sliced red onions, and Follow Your Heart’s Smoked Gouda create a bold and mouthwatering balance of flavors with the Boca Turk’y Burger. This combo stole the show during our live taste test on Facebook.



The Thanksgiving Burger

The most popular Thanksgiving dishes of the are turkey, gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce. If you want to have all these flavors with none of the cruelty, definitely give this burger a try (on Thanksgiving or anytime!). The cranberry sauce and cornbread stuffing are tried and true, and the golden gravy and Turk’y Burger are full of savory goodness without harming our feathered friends.


The Club Burger

Fresh, filling, and full of zesty flavor, the Club Burger strikes a perfect balance between comfort food and healthy eating. Boca’s Turk’y Burger and Smart Bacon by Lightlife are packed with savory flavor perfect for when you’re craving meaty plant-based foods. Top them off with lots of lettuce, tomato, and avocado or guacamole to rep team #plantlife.

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