6 Easy Ways YOU Can Put Vegan Eating Further into the Mainstream

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Have you noticed that vegan options are sprouting up everywhere? From Subway to White Castle to TCBY and so much more. Even Ikea is offering a vegan version of its popular Swedish meatballs and Wendy’s is now testing a veggie burger.

According to a recent restaurant industry publication, a recent survey concluded that “Millennials are increasingly interested in vegan cuisine, and more than 60 percent consume meat alternatives.”

The sale of meatless foods is soaring in the US – and there’s no sign of it slowing down.

As more consumers – meat-eaters and vegans alike – ask for plant-based options, a growing number of grocery stores and restaurants are responding. The easier it is to find vegan food, the easier it is to empower others to choose vegan food.

Here are 6 easy ways YOU can keep up the momentum and help get even more vegan options in the mainstream marketplace:

  1. Ask Subway to roll out vegan options nationwide
  2. Ask Wendy’s to expand its veggie burger option to more locations
  3. Ask Ben & Jerry’s to dish out a vegan option
  4. Thank Dunkin’ Donuts for offering almond milk and ask for a vegan donut
  5. Ask Dairy Queen to offer non-dairy ice cream
  6. Encourage McDonald’s to take a progressive step forward by adding a veggie burger to its menu

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