4 Cows You’ll Want to Cuddle Right Now

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Cows are the cutest. If you’ve never looked into the big, brown, long-lashed eyes of a bovine beauty, you’re missing out. Snuggling with a rescued cow is a must-add to your bucket list!

These animals are gentle giants — social, sensitive, and just as loving and affectionate as the beloved dogs and cats with whom many of us share our homes. Tragically, millions of these sweet souls suffer and die every year on meat and dairy factory farms.

But we can help save the lives of these uber-adorable animals by leaving dairy and meat off our plates! With so many options and easy recipes available, it’s easier than ever! And if you need a little inspiration to help get you started, here are four cows you’ll want to cuddle right now:


Daisy, Pasado’s Safe Haven
Before her rescue, Daisy was used at an “educational” farm where children would learn how to milk cows. Sadly, every time she was impregnated she suffered from mastitis, an extremely painful condition that causes extreme discomfort for cows when they’re milked. Because she had difficulties producing milk, the farm was going to send her to slaughter — but a caregiver who grew to love this sweet cow stepped in and Daisy was spared. Now, this fun-loving girl lives at Pasado’s Safe Haven. She loves to spend times with friends, enjoy bananas, and run through the grass.


Luna, Kindred Spirits Sanctuary
Once left to die by the side of the road, Luna is the newest addition to the crew at Florida’s Kindred Spirits Sanctuary. Her mother was a dairy cow, and in the dairy industry calves are often seen as useless; they can be thrown away, sent to slaughter, or, for females, raised as dairy cows themselves. Who knows how Luna ended up where she did, but now she’s found her forever home. The beautiful, growing girl is sweet, playful, and loves to run and skip, and be the baby she is.


Eclipse, Gentle Barn Tennessee
Gorgeous Eclipse got her name because she was born on September 16, 2016 during a once-in-a-lifetime Harvest Moon eclipse. Her mom, Maybelle, was pregnant when the Gentle Barn rescued her. As a dairy cow, she’d had several babies before, but they’d all been taken from her so her milk could be sold. Now, Maybelle and Eclipse get to live together forever, grazing in green pastures at the Gentle Barn’s Tennessee location.


Maybelle, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
Maybelle was a born on a huge breeding farm for cows in Pennsylvania. Then, at three years old she was sent to live at a “historical exhibit” where she was impregnated over and over in order to give milking demonstrations to tourists. She gave birth to four calves; one didn’t survive, and the others were taken away from her. Eventually, the exhibit decided to end the milking demonstration, so Maybelle was sent to live at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Now, she spends her time happily hanging in the pasture with her best friend, Kayli.

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