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5 YouTube Channels that Prove Vegan Cooking is for Everyone

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Ever been bored by traditional television cooking shows? Considering the limited programming that features recipes the average person actually could prepare at home, and the even smaller subset with good vegan recipes, it can be quite a bore! Bucking this trend, however, are vegan chefs across the nation who are turning to YouTube to produce their own niche — and incredibly fun and popular — vegan cooking channels to both entertain and educate other veg and veg-curious chefs.

To spare you a few lost nights on your laptop, clicking until you “reach the end of the internet” in search of the best and brightest veg cooking stars, we’ve compiled a list of some of our personal favorite YouTube cooking channels. Please enjoy these top picks (listed in no particular order) and feel free to download a free copy of our own Easy Vegan Recipes booklet for additional inspiration!

Vegan CookingVegan Black Metal Chef

No mention of YouTube fame in the veg world would be complete without the Vegan Black Metal Chef‘s channel  full of music videos where the song lyrics are actual instructions to prepare a dish. In full face paint using medieval weapons instead of common cooking utensils, the Vegan Black Metal chef makes every dish much more exciting than we ever could! Greatest hits include “Soupocalypse” (Potato Leek Soup) and “Sesame Tofu from the Abyss.”

Vegan CookingChef Chloe Coscarelli

Cupcake Wars champion and up-and-coming vegan chef extraordinaire (as dubbed by VegNews) Chloe Coscarelli is currently best known for her most recent cookbook, Chloe’s Vegan Desserts, though many fans stay connected to her through her website and YouTube channel featuring some of her national television appearances, where she’s dished up vegan eating on ABC and the Food Network as well as the popular Hungry YouTube channel.

Vegan CookingThe Sexy Vegan

If there’s ever a measure of success in the vlogger world, it’s having a cookbook (or two). If there’s a measure of stardom, it’s having a cookbook that has its own trailer! Brian L. Patton, known to most as The Sexy Vegan, maintains a prolific YouTube presence with well-produced videos that highlight his mastery of all things delicious, including a small plates, entrees, and the occasional general how-to video. Leap in with this tutorial on making hummus including an amazing time-lapse segment.

Vegan CookingThe Vegan Zombie

Any old vlogger can teach you how to veganize an eggless breakfast sandwich, but only The Vegan Zombie leads in with a horde of approaching zombies in full makeup (this blog hires extras, people!) as he escapes into the kitchen. Throw in some classic B-Horror font and very well-explained instructions on recreating junk food marvels, and you’ve got the makings of an extremely fun-to-watch channel. Highlights include pizza rolls and dairy-free mozzarella sticks.

Vegan CookingHoney LaBronx, the Vegan Drag Queen

Did you ever think you have a recipe memorized and realize two steps in that you’ve forgotten what comes next? I find the best way to really gel instructions in my mind is to have them read to me by a drag queen. If you want some light-hearted camp and a super LGBT-affirming channel, Honey LaBronx is right for you. In flawless make-up and well-tailored dresses, she teaches you great staple recipes that you’ll come back to again and again, like basic seitan, homemade almond milk, and kale salad.

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