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Moving Beyond Eggs: Whole Foods Deli Starts Spreading All-Vegan “Just Mayo”

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Armed with extensive food science knowledge along with compassion and the common sense that cramming birds into cages isn’t good for them — or us — Hampton Creek Foods has a recipe to change our food system. And they’re starting with eggs.

As the maker of Beyond Eggs, Hampton Creek is now hatching a new plant-based product: “Just Mayo.” And this all-vegan alternative to egg-based mayonnaise is spreading fast. Earlier this week, Whole Foods throughout Northern California began phasing out egg mayo from their prepared foods departments and started replacing all of it with Just Mayo!

That’s right — now when someone orders any food made with mayonnaise, it will automatically be made with the plant-based Just Mayo. This is a significant win-win for animals and consumers alike. After all, unlike mayo made with eggs, Just Mayo is cholesterol- and cruelty-free!

In addition to the many health and ethical benefits, Just Mayo and other Hampton Creek products are also more sustainably produced than eggs — and cheaper, which is key factor that appeals to many cafeterias and food manufacturers.

Want to learn more about Just Mayo or have questions about Beyond Eggs? Hampton Creek Foods founder and CEO Josh Tetrick , who was recently featured in COK’s Compassionate Action magazine, will be joining us to speak at the DC VegFest on Sat., Sept. 28.

Want to help get Just Mayo into Whole Foods stores across the entire country? Visit the prepared foods department (deli section) of your local Whole Foods and ask them to switch ALL of their mayo to “Just Mayo.” If they aren’t familiar with the brand, you could mention Hampton Creek was just featured on NPR!

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