Vogue: Vegan Wedding Menus are in Style

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Vegan eating is en vogue, from plant-based’s popularity on store shelves and in consumer carts, to soaring numbers of online vegan searches, inspired by the film Okja. Meatless is even hitting the meat aisle in major grocery chains like Kroger.

As the mainstream falls in love with vegan eating, it’s become a top trend at weddings. According to Vogue, vegan foods are no longer just sides, but hearty main dishes.

The fashion magazine says, “The vegan movement is well on the way, and most top restaurants today now offer a vegan menu. Vegan used to mean the grilled portobello mushroom; today’s chefs are preparing exquisite and delicious vegan options.”

So, you just might be totally enamored with the vegan options at the next wedding you attend! If you’re worried there might not be much for you to eat, you can always give the couple a heads up on your RSVP by asking for a vegan dish.

And you don’t need to wait for a wedding to celebrate love! You can do that at each meal by choosing foods that are kinder to animals, to our health, and to the planet: Visit TryVeg.com today for recipes and more.

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