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We’re Cheesing about Follow Your Heart Vegan Cheese

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We just received some delicious samples from Follow Your Heart that are melting our hearts: slices of American, Mozzarella, Provolone, and Garden Herb. In addition to be 100% vegan, these cheeses are also free of gluten, soy, and GMOs.

Diving in to taste each flavor, the samples didn’t last long in our office. From the smooth texture to unique tastes, these cheeses resembled their dairy-based counterparts but without the cruelty or cholesterol.

follow your heartOur top choice? The American cheese. We immediately began dreaming about ooey-gooey grilled cheese sandwiches with a side of some comforting vegan mac. This cheese definitely takes you back to your childhood memories of the garishly orange Kraft Singles mom packed for snack. The difference? Follow Your Heart cheese is free of dairy and one hundred unpronounceable preservatives. A win-win for children and adults alike!

The Provolone was also popular – it was mild in taste, striking a perfect balance between smoothness and creaminess. The result? Pure cheesy goodness – vegan style. One of our interns thought she’d like to pair it with some fruit; the perfect afternoon snack!

And the Garden Herb? We discovered a new dimension of flavor! It’s perfect on crackers or use it to jazz up a lunchtime sub. Feeling creative? Incorporate it into “chick’n parmesan.” While we were treated to the sliced cheese, the Garden Herb can also be found in blocks. Want to throw a party for your tastebuds? Grate some cheese from the Garden Herb block and add the shreds to lasagna…you can thank us later.

Follow Your Heart’s Mozzarella is the classic mozzarella taste with just follow your heartthe right amount of tanginess and creaminess. Toast a few slices of your favorite bread, mix the mozzarella with some other cheese flavors (American and Provolone perhaps?), add some veggies and faux meat and…voila! you’ve got yourself a club sandwich! This cheese would also be splendid melted into a panini or used in a caprese salad.

Want to taste for yourself? You could win your own cheese tasting kit (nifty cutting board included) from Follow Your Heart! Check our Facebook page for giveaway details.

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