Vegan Food a Top Social Media Trend

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Vegan is in demand! Major food retailers and chains, from Starbucks to TGI Fridays, are responding to the consumer call for plant-based dishes by serving up options.

You can see plant-based’s popularity all over social media, too. When it comes to food, people are sharing the love and showing that they like animal-free!

Pinterest just released its top 100 trends for 2018, and both meatless protein and dairy-free desserts made the list. The report says, “Meat isn’t the only protein powerhouse. Lentils, hemp and quinoa pack a nutritional punch and taste just as good.

Plus, as MSN points out, Pinterest gave vegan desserts (with a 329% increase in pins this year!) a sweet place on its list, raving: “Desserts can be awesome without animal products,” suggesting that you swap in coconut oil instead of butter and flax seeds in place of eggs.

Did you know you can now follow hashtags on Instagram? Well, a recent article from the Los Angeles Times shared some recommendations, including #plantbased: “Plant-based meals are easier than you’d think to whip up, but for some healthy inspiration, follow this hashtag, and find yourself raving over vegetarian entrées and vegan desserts.” As VegNews reports, #avocado was on the list, too.

“Give #plantbased a follow so you can see picture-perfect plant-based foods to try (and please be sure to follow #compassionoverkilling, too, for news from us).

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