It’s Easier than Ever to Find Vegan Pizza!

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pizza2-e1484318359658National Pizza Week continues this weekend, so pick up that Friday night pizza topped with extra vegan cheese! We’re spotlighting how mouthwatering (and easy to find!) vegan pie is these days. Imagine the gooey, doughy, melty taste you love, without the cruelty and cholesterol. What could be better?

Pick up one of these tasty frozen vegan pizzas if you’re short on time, or visit one of the many vegan-friendly pizza joints that are popping up from coast to coast, and almost all of them carry dairy-free cheese and a laundry list of topping options. Wherever you live, there are plenty of easy ways to indulge your obsession, just the way you like it.

So to celebrate pizza week, are five major pie chains that offer vegan ‘za. Enjoy!

Mellow Mushroom
This chain with 180 locales across 21 states, has a massive menu of options and plenty of vegan choices. You can add vegan cheese to any pizza (just ask for no parm and no butter on the crust!), and they have tofu and tempeh as topping choices, too. Plus there’s hoagies, calzones, salads, and hummus! They also have a special vegan menu you can pull up online — but the friendly servers at any of the ’70s-inspired locations can help you veganize just about anything on the regular menu.

Uncle Maddio’s
This rapidly expanding make-your-own pizza joint is all about the customer service. And they want to make vegans happy, too! They carry dairy-free cheese, and the gluten-free and whole wheat crusts are free from animal products, too. So are all of the fresh veggie toppings, the tomato basil sauce, garlic-infused olive oil, BBQ sauce, buffalo sauce, grilled tofu, black bean corn salsa, almonds, walnuts, fresh herbs, grapes, raspberry vinaigrette and balsamic vinaigrette. Any of the above can be added to pies, salads, or “foldwiches.

Blaze Pizza
This trendy new fast-fired pizza spot lets guests make their own tasty, personal pies. They offer cruelty-free cheese, and the regular and gluten-free crusts are safe for vegan eaters. To top ’em, they offer vegan classic red, spicy red, and BBQ sauces, plus 17 different fruit and veggie topping options, from jalapeños to bell peppers to cherry tomatoes. There are 173 of these eateries nationwide, so there’s probably one somewhere near you. Did we mention Lebron is part owner? Word is he likes 16 toppings on his.

MOD Pizza
With locations in 21 states (and continually expanding), MOD is all over the place. The eateries let customers make their own pies or veganize any of the 10 signature creations. As far as topping options, you can choose from vegan cheese (obviously) red sauce, BBQ sauce or garlic rub, and two dozen fresh vegan goodies including cilantro, pineapple, roasted garlic and loads of others.

Brixx Pizza
For that delightful wood-fired flavor, Brixx is it. They offer vegan cheese on pizzas, salads, and sandwiches at no extra cost. Plus, the traditional and whole wheat doughs are both vegan-friendly, and they have an array of veggie toppings, from caramelized onions to sliced pear. They also feature specialty pizzas, and the Veggin’ Out section has seven easily veganized pies.

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