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CDC: Salmonella Outbreak “Might Be Widespread in the Turkey Industry”

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In July, the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service announced a salmonella outbreak linked to raw turkey products. Yet as we approach Thanksgiving, people are continuing to get sick from eating contaminated turkey, resulting in Jennie-O Turkey Store Sales, LLC recalling 91,388 lbs of raw turkey.

Alarmingly, the USDA states it has been unable to pinpoint the exact source of the outbreak that the CDC says “might be widespread in the turkey industry.”

So far, at least 164 people in 35 states have gotten sick, and one person has died.

This outbreak can only add to the turkey industry’s struggles after a first quarter of plummeting sales, while vegan food sales soar. Turkey companies like well-known Butterball are reporting multi-million dollar losses.

Officials are advising consumers to handle turkey carefully, but we have a better suggestion. This Thanksgiving, ditch the cruelty and safeguard your health by choosing a vegan dish for your family’s table!

At TryVeg.com, we’ve put together the ultimate Thanksgiving menu with a plethora of ideas to replace animal-based dishes. It’s easier than ever to show gratitude and celebrate compassion with a vegan Thanksgiving.

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