“Beyond The Lies” Takes Powerful Video on the Road Again

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Compassion Over Killing is proud to announce the kickoff of the spring leg of our unique Beyond The Lies program bringing a powerful message of compassion to college campuses across the state of California. This inspiring program will raise awareness among thousands of people about the suffering of animals raised and killed for food, empowering them to choose compassionate vegan eating.

This college tour has the opportunity to reach the next generation of vegans and activists. COK’s team will pay viewers $1.00 to watch a powerful video unveiling the cruel truth of animal agriculture. It also includes inspiring footage of rescued farm animals living at sanctuaries, offering the chance to see how the unique personalities of these animals shine through when they’re allowed the freedom to live and be themselves. After they watch the film, viewers will have the chance to take action by pledging to choose vegan foods.

“Every view of our video represents an in-depth conversation about animal rights and veganism — and a pledge to reduce or eliminate their consumption of animal products.” – Radish XVX, Beyond The Lies Program Manager

The video, narrated by former COK investigator Chrystal Ferber and featuring vegan athletes Rich Roll and Steph Davis, will also be offered in a Spanish language version narrated by Daisy Fuentes.

During last summer’s tour our team reached over 12,000 people at 63 different events, prompting viewers to pledge to try vegan eating.

One viewer wrote to us after speaking to one of our Crew Members, illuminating just how impactful these conversations can be.

“I’m not sure if y’all see your dms, but the other day I watched the video y’all showed at warped tour. It really opened my eyes about what really happens in “humane slaughter”. Because of this, I have decided to go vegan. Thank you for helping me open my eyes to this”

To meet our crew, find us at one of these schools this spring:

Can’t make it? You can still watch and share the moving video.

Beyond The Lies needs YOUR support!

Live in California and want to hang out with our awesome BTL team while spreading the truth behind animal ag? We want to hear from you. Click here to fill out a quick volunteer application.

Beyond The Lies is a unique pay-per-view experience that gives viewers $1 to watch our moving video. That means for every $1 you donate, you are empowering us to get face-to-face with the next generation and shed a light on the truth of factory farming and animal abuse.

Please donate today to keep our crew on the road and ensure a brighter future for animals.

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