Tyson CEO on Vegan Protein: “If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them”

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Just a day after Compassion Over Killing released a gut-wrenching new investigation of Tyson Foods and a petition asking Tyson, among other requests, to shift toward vegan proteins, the nation’s largest chicken producer did just that: increasing its investment in plant-based company, Beyond Meat.

Even Tyson’s CEO, Tom Hayes, seems to know protein is moving toward a vegan future. When asked why a poultry industry titan would invest in a meatless protein-maker, Hayes said: “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

He adds, “The first investment has been Beyond Meat, but we’re looking for other investments that will bring us up the curve in terms of sustainable food production.”

Just as another COK investigation did in 2016, our newest video has exposed egregious abuse of birds — including the crippling effects of rapid growth, in Tyson’s supply chain.

Though the company’s increased investment in Beyond Meat is an encouraging move forward, we need Tyson to take the next steps: end genetic manipulation of birds for unnaturally fast growth and continue in the direction of the consumer-driven future of protein: plants!

Take action: Sign and share our investigator’s petition todayPlus, find our video and more ways to help at COK.net/Tyson2.

Photo: Beyond Meat

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