The Life of a Chicken

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Where does your “food” come from?

This eye-opening video provides a glimpse into a chicken’s life – if that chicken is unlucky enough to be born into the meat industry. The chicken’s name is Jane. She is one of the nine billion chickens raised – and killed – for meat each year in the United States.

In the 1950s, it took 84 days to raise a five-pound chicken. Today, because of selective breeding and growth-promoting drugs, birds reach slaughter weight in just 45 days. Those 45 days are filled with misery: birds like Jane are kept cruelly confined in small, dark, and filthy sheds to later be denied food, water, and protection from the weather as they are transported to slaughter in tiny crates.

Learn more about the intelligence of chickens.

Together, we can end this cruel cycle. To take action, simply share this video on Facebook, Twitter or via YouTube. You know the truth behind farming chickens for food. Now, educate someone else.

Stand up for Jane by keeping chickens off your plate. To contribute to Animal Outlook’s work to make vegan eating easier and accessible, visit

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  1. I have refused to eat any meats from large Corporations because of the abuse of the animals from the time they are born..😢😡🤬😤

  2. If viewing what happens to the animals who end up on your plate gives you nightmares instead of an appetite, perhaps it’s time to re-think what kind of violence you are putting into your body.

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