CA Egg Farm Slapped with Cruelty Charges for Violating Prop 2

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Time and again, Compassion Over Killing has cracked open the truth behind egg industry cruelty, from our undercover investigations, to getting misleading “Animal Care Certified” labels removed from cartons, and our continued efforts to protect both hens and consumers. In the first charges against an egg farm for violations of California’s Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act (known as “Prop 2”), …

USDA Issues Major Animal Welfare Standards for Organic Farms

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May 12 update: This week, USDA delayed this animal welfare standards rule for the second time and is now asking the public to comment on the protections—again! Please submit a comment here before the deadline on June 9. Suggested sample comment language: Secretary Perdue, as an American, I demand the organic animal welfare rule go into effect immediately. The final Organic Livestock and …

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare Labels on Egg Cartons: Is the Industry Scrambling the Truth?

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whats-inside-your-egg-carton-fullsize-31Walk into any grocery store in the United States today, and you’ll likely find cartons of eggs bearing a variety of advertising schemes ranging from images of happy hens roaming around outside to claims such as “animal friendly.”

Surprisingly though, what consumers see or read on the outside of an egg carton doesn’t necessarily represent how the hens who laid those
eggs were treated. In fact, while most egg laying hens in the US spend their lives overcrowded inside barren wire cages, Compassion Over Killing has documented several cases of explicit and implied claims on egg cartons across the country that imply a higher level of animal care than is actually the case.