New Vegan Cookbook Recreates All the Egg Dishes You Love

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As consumers are increasingly aware, the “incredible edible egg” isn’t so incredible after all. Factory farms are known for their horrific cruelty to chickens, and 95% of egg-laying hens spend their lives in cages so small they can’t even spread their wings. Not only is the painful reality for chickens raised for eggs and meat on factory farms, exposed time and again by …

VICTORY for Hens: CA Ban on Battery-Cage Egg Sales Upheld!

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A decision by the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has brought a big victory for millions of hens! The Court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Missouri and five other states that sought to block enforcement of California’s Proposition 2, which bans the sale of eggs from battery-caged hens. Compassion Over Killing (COK) applauds the news, after joining Animal Legal Defense …

Egg Alternatives Market to Crack $1.5B by 2026

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Egg-laying hens are forced to endure some of the most horrific abuses in animal agribusiness. Compassion Over Killing has long worked to defend these smart and social animals — from our legal advocacy that’s cracked open the truth behind “Animal Care Certified” egg labels misleading consumers, to many COK investigations exposing the painful reality for chickens raised for eggs and meat on factory farms. COK campaigns have …

A New Year Means a New Start for Millions of Animals in California

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Starting January 1, 2015,  millions of farmed animals being raised in California can no longer be intensively confined inside tiny barren cages or crates, as mandated by law.  Thanks to “Prop 2” – a history-making ballot measure overwhelmingly passed by California voters in 2008 under the official title of “The Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act” – egg-laying hens, pregnant pigs, …

Take Action: Urge Congress to Pass First Federal Law Protecting Egg Laying Hens

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Animal%20People%20Federal%20Hen%20Ad%202Currently in the US, more than 250 million egg-laying hens are suffering inside tiny wire cages so small, they’re denied the ability to engage in some of their most natural behaviors, including walking.  With virtually no laws to protect them, these smart and social animals are subjected to some of the worst abuses imaginable and are routinely treated in ways that would result in criminal prosecution if those same abuses were inflicted upon cats or dogs. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to expose the rotten truth of egg production and promote compassionate food choices.

Egg Consumption Is Declining: Industry News

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egg%20chart-2006-2011_0-550x400.jpgHere’s some encouraging news from the egg industry with a sunny side for hens: per capita egg consumption in the US has been steadily declining for the past six years!

That’s according to a recent Egg Industry Fact Sheet posted on the United Egg Producers’ website, which is based on statistics from the US Department of Agriculture. As highlighted in the graph below, in 2006 the average American ate 258.1 eggs while the estimate for 2011 drops down to 246.3 — that’s nearly one dozen fewer eggs per person.