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Animal Rescue Bars: Compassion & Nutrition Rolled into One

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Whether you’re looking for a quick and healthy snack after a workout, something to eat on the way to work or school, or want to take some food with you while traveling, we just discovered a new all-vegan nutrition bar that we know you’re going to love: Animal Rescue Bars!

What’s so great about Animal Rescue Bars? First of all, they are delicious – they’re made with all natural, mostly organic ingredients including dates, peanuts, cashews, and quinoa puffs. They’re also gluten-free and GMO-free. More notably though, 50% of the sales from these bars will help support eight different animal protection charities – including Compassion Over Killing!

According to Andrew Kirschner, a dedicated animal advocate who is also the founder and creator of Animal Rescue Bar, “The goal … is to inspire people to show compassion for animals, to provide financial support to the organizations that rescue them, and to offer a healthy snack for people. We believe people will gravitate to the bar because it tastes so good and serves such a meaningful purpose.”

So where can you buy Animal Rescue Bars? They are currently available online – and the first retail grocery store that just starting stocking their shelves with these bars is Roots Market in Maryland!

Animal Rescue Bars will also soon be sold in grocery stores nationwide as well as in gyms, drug stores, and many other locations. Visit to place your order or download an order form you can bring to your local stores asking them to start selling these nutritious snacks!

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