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VIDEO: Alexa, Order Vegan Donuts from Dunkin’

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Dunkin’ Donuts recently teamed up with Amazon’s Alexa in an attempt to make their on-the-go mobile ordering even easier. But what’s the point if we can’t order what we really want — vegan donuts?! Millions of consumers nationwide are opting for plant-based options to help the animals who suffer at the hands of the egg and dairy industries, and to …

Live and Let Live: Examining Our Relationship with Animals

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Written and directed by sociologist and author Marc Pierschel, Live and Let Live is a beautiful examination of our relationships with animals — those we choose to love and those we choose to eat. Interweaving six stories of people’s paths to vegan eating, the poignant documentary delves into the ethical, environmental, and health reasons for leaving animals off of our plates. Well-paced and …