Sirens of the Lambs

“Sirens of the Lambs” Basnky Video Goes Viral

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This video will break your heart — no graphic imagery required. World-renowned artist Banksy took to the streets of New York City’s meat-packing district last week with a unique and powerful new mobile installation titled “Sirens of the Lambs.”  This ominous artistic creation is a “slaughter-bound truck” loaded with animatronic stuffed animals who are seemingly screaming in fear as squeaks and squeals emit from the display while it’s driven around.

Calling attention to the horrific realities endured by farmed animals who are crammed on trucks headed to their death at a slaughter plant, this video of Banksy’s mobile art has been viewed over three million times!

While we’re not sure if Banksy himself is a vegetarian, we hope his “Sirens of the Lambs” will encourage others to think twice about their food choices by recognizing the misery we force upon farmed animals. Choose compassion: visit to get started.

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