I’m Training to Run 100 Miles for Compassion Over Killing

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Hey everyone! My name is Erin Brown and I’ve decided to run a 100-mile race to raise money to help Compassion Over Killing advocate for these important issues, and write blog updates about my training. Find out more about why I’m running!

The most common questions and comments we crazy ultra runners get when we say we are training for 100 miles are: “Wait, all at once? Do you sleep?” And then promptly, “I don’t even like to drive that far!”. 

The answers are: Yes, and no – well, maybe sleep running!

So why am I running 100 miles for Compassion Over Killing? The answer is simple: because an organization that works so hard to end animal abuse and factory farming deserves all of our help. Yes, I love to run races – it’s hard work, it’s fun, and the camaraderie is infectious. But, I also have years of races ahead of me, so why not dedicate my next big run for the animals? Thus, over the next four months I will be running, cross training, and documenting it all in order to raise money for Compassion Over Killing’s life-saving efforts.

My training plan:

Monday: Hill repeats and/or stairs
Tuesday: 6-7 mile run and cross training involving a lifting circuit or high interval intensity training (HIIT)
Wednesday: November Project and yoga/stretching recovery
Thursday: 6-7 mile run and lifting
Friday: HIIT workout
Saturday: Long run
Sunday: Recovery and foam rolling

Although my schedule will change slightly from week to week, this is the general idea of my training program. You might be surprised that it doesn’t involve a crazy amount of mileage – my body doesn’t work well with super high mileages, and injuries tend to pop up if I go over 60 miles a week. This motivates me to keep mileage lower and emphasize more on the quality of the workout and cross training.

Stay tuned for more updates on my training! I can’t wait to take you with me on the ride (er… run)! Find me on Instagram @jaiya616 and the hashtag #irunforthepiggies

Love, Erin

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