Scary Ice Cream Truck Rolls up to Nestlé to Showcase Hidden Horrors

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Compassion Over Killing’s mobile billboard, disguised as a nightmarish ice cream truck, just rolled up to Nestlé’s doorstep in Arlington, Virginia, to shine a light on the abuse behind the food giant’s dairy products. 

Our costumed cow handed out postcards with the billboard as a backdrop right outside Nestlé’s front door during lunch hour today. Hundreds of passersby were stunned to learn about the cruelty documented in Nestlé’s supply chain by COK’s investigation: Hot irons are burned into calves’ flesh to destroy their horns and tissue in a cruel, unnecessary process known as “dehorning” or “disbudding.” 

Instead of dishing out frozen treats, the “ice cream truck” invited onlookers to view these horrors for themselves at, where they can also join the more than 20,000 people who have signed COK’s petition urging the company to push the dairy industry forward by ending painful horn removal once and for all. 

After lunch, the traveling display made its way through the streets of Washington, DC, reaching thousands with a compassionate message: As cow’s milk sales curdle, Nestlé can become a true food leader by offering more vegan options, starting with its Edy’s and Dreyer’s ice cream brands.

Watch COK’s creepy “ice cream truck” in action⁠—and if this campaign action moo-ves you, please consider a generous donation to our crucial work to keep our undercover cameras rolling & our campaigns churning out victories!


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