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Plant-Powered Planet Protectors March in San Francisco

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This Saturday, Compassion Over Killing marched for the planet in the San Francisco Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice with a coalition of groups including Plant Based Foods Association, Climate Friendly Agriculture Alliance, The Humane League, V-Dog, Center for Biological Diversity, and many more. Together, these organizations marched under a united banner: the Plant-Powered Planet Protectors, or P4.

Our empowering message? Everyone has the power to protect the planet and take a bite out of climate change simply by choosing delicious vegan meals.

Around 30,000 people took part in the event, and the Plant-Powered Planet Protectors were there in full force to bring attention to the animal agriculture industry’s devastating role in environmental degradation and climate change. They were joined by Methane Molly–a 20-foot-tall inflatable cow who really drives home the enormity of the problem.

Intensive farming of billions of animals around the world releases massive amounts of carbon dioxide and methane into the air. The Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has found that animal agriculture accounts for a staggering 37% of emissions of methane, a gas with 20 times more harmful global warming impact than carbon dioxide.

The science is clear: The best way to fight climate change is with our fork! By reducing our consumption of meat and other animal products, and instead putting plants on our plates.

activists hold vegan banner at san francisco rise for climate

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