Plant-Based: A 2017 Top Global Food Trend!

smcdonald Veg Eating

Vegan eating has been soaking up the spotlight, from being named the hottest trend in fast-casual food, to making the menu at this year’s World Health Summit.

Plants are no longer a side dish — they’re the star of the plate! And Mintel is taking note. The market research firm has released its Global Food and Drink Trends of 2017 and sprouting up on the list: plant-based foods!

Mintel writes, “Power to the Plants: The preference for natural, simple and flexible diets will drive further expansion of vegetarian, vegan and other plant-focused formulations.

QSR magazine seems to agree, highlighting plant-based’s booming popularity in the fast-service food industry, mentioning popular restaurants and chains Veggie Grill, by Chloe, Sweetgreen, DC’s Shouk, and others. It’s increasingly easy to find a quick and delicious vegan meal across the U.S.

Having been little more than an afterthought in the history of the limited-service restaurant industry, plant-based proteins today are increasingly becoming an integral ingredient in many menus. Led by a desire for sustainability and more healthful eating, Americans are discovering they can get plenty of protein without eating meat or seafood,” writes QSR.

More consumers as well as the companies serving up food are realizing the many reasons to fill our plates with plants, from saving animals, to protecting our health, to reducing our environmental footprint. We can help you get started today at