New Vegan Documentary on Netflix: What the Health

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What the Health, the new film from the makers of Cowspiracy which spotlighted animal agriculture’s devastating environmental impact, has made its Netflix documentary debut today — and this eye-opening look at food and health features footage from Compassion Over Killing’s shocking investigation of a Hormel supplier.

In addition to heartbreaking animal cruelty, COK’s video filmed inside Quality Pork Processors (QPP), reveals pigs covered in feces and pus-filled abscesses processed for human consumption, which is shown to viewers in What the Health.

(QPP operates under the USDA’s high-speed slaughter pilot program know as “HIMP” which could soon be expanded nationwide — sign our petition today to stand up for pigs, and consumer and worker safety)

The new doc features docs (as in, doctors) who praise the benefits of a plant-based diet and warn of the health risks tied to the consumption of animal products.

And study after study confirms those ties: from cancer to heart disease and more.

The good news is that we can protect our health (and animals, and the environment) every time we sit down to eat! Did you know research has shown that heart disease — the leading cause of death in the US — is preventable with a plant-based diet?

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