How Compassionate Students Rescued Buddy the Sheep

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For children, compassion is innate. They see animals as friends not food, and understand that animals are worthy of love and respect.

And thanks to the compassion of some very special children, Buddy the sheep was saved from senseless slaughter and is living the good life at Kindred Spirits Sanctuary in Ocala, Florida.

The adorable sheep was raised by children as part of an agriculture program at a nearby school.
“He was being raised by their 4H program to be used for food,” says Logan Vindett of Kindred Spirits, Buddy’s adopted mom. “He struck a couple of the kids’ hearts there who were in a gardening program and they decided to save him, along with one of their teachers.”

While these programs teach children how to care for animals, they also teach them that sentient beings like cows, pigs, chickens, and goats are disposable — products to be sold for a profit and sent to slaughter. Were he sold at auction, Buddy would have had his life cut tragically short.

The teacher who rallied with the kids to save him was vegan, and helped make sure Buddy ended up in a sanctuary where he’d be safe and loved for the rest of his life.

“We say Buddy is like Will Ferrell in Elf,” says Logan. “He loves to meet everybody, he especially loves little kids. All the sheep, all the goats, people — he’s just naturally such a sweetheart. He loves everyone.”

Now, sweet Buddy spends his days grazing in the green grass, head butting his friend Bruce, and chowing down on grapes — his favorite food. He’s living the life that every animal deserves.

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