Compassion on Campus: Vegan College Initiatives

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Vegan eating is sprouting all over– even on campus! Colleges large and small are serving up more vegan options in dining halls, so students can leave animals off their plates while getting that much-needed brain food.

Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington has an on-site organic herb and vegetable garden. What better way to appreciate plants than to grow them yourself? In addition, their dining facilities offer a majority of vegetarian friendly meals, along with lists of ingredients for each dish. They have been mentioned in The Seattle Times for their plant-based knowledge.

Northwestern is also known for an array of vegetarian/vegan meals in its dining halls.

Wesleyan University has a student-run organic vegetable farm which is funded by the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences. Their dining facilities boast an impressive list of vegan dishes such as barbecue seitan and tofu spinach lasagna. Who wouldn’t want to pick plant-based with those mouth-watering vegan options?

UC Santa Cruz even has a campus-wide implementation of Meatless Monday and a vibrant assortment of vegan meals to choose from. Aside from the stuffed portobello ratatouille, vegan Mexican tofu benedicts and vegan taquitos, UCSC has a pro-vegan activist group too: Banana Slugs for Animals is a student-run group advocating “on behalf of farmed animals and to promote a plant-based diet for the environment, animals and our health.”

Take a look at the incredible developing programs for Animal and Food Law at UCLA.

Did you know that COK General Counsel, Cheryl Leahy, has created and taught one of the first-ever U.S. law school courses focused on agricultural animals at UCLA Law? Read more!

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