COK Interns Dish up Compassion at Area Grocery Stores!

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GroceryWhat better way to open up the hearts and minds of others than giving away delicious vegan food? That’s exactly how two of our outreach interns in DC, Andrea Roccanti and Shebani Rao, are spending their summer! With the support of VegFund, Andrea and Shebani hosted an “Ask-A-Vegan” table outside of a busy Giant grocery store in DC.

As customers made their way to the entrance of the store, they were greeted by two smiling faces and a table loaded with literature, sample product packaging and, of course, lots of food. In a few short hours, over 150 Tofurky sandwiches made with Veganise were given away as well as 100 samples of Silk Chocolate Almond Milk. In addition to asking lots of questions about vegetarian eating and the specific products they were sampling, customers also walked away with pro-veg literature, including free recipes.


The food was a huge hit with adults and children alike. After sampling a vegan sandwich and dairy-free milk, one woman remarked, “My doctor told me I should be eating things like this but I was too scared to try them, but really this is so good. It’s fantastic actually!”  Several customers stopped by our table on the way out to thank us for being there and to show us the new vegan products–Tofurky and Silk among others–they decided to purchase after trying out our samples.

Last month, another COK outreach intern, Michelle Mamane, hosted a successful “Ask-a-Vegan” table at a co-op in Greenbelt, Md. She handed out dozens of samples of Tofurky Pizza.

Hosting an “Ask-a-Vegan” booth is just one of the many fun and simple ways anyone can help spread a message of compassion in your neighborhood. Let us know if you need pro-veg literature–for your Ask-A-Vegan table, feed-in, or leafeting event. You can also join us at one of our many other upcoming events!


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